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Introduction to Livepush
Introduction to Livepush

An overview of Livepush Streaming Dashboards, Features & Pricing plans

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At Livepush, we mainly provide live streaming services to help customers live stream and multi-stream their video content to their targeted streaming websites incl. Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitch, YouTube, Dlive, Vimeo and 30 more desitnations (take a look at our complete of list of supported services).

Popular Features

  • Live stream to over 40 websites/destinations/platforms + private/unknown RTMP server.

  • Sync streaming profiles from Facebook, YouTube, Twitch to enable auto-capture RTMP keys from these sites.

  • Multi Chat overlay URL to see your multiple site chat messages in one box.

  • Teams support to manage your live streams with your Team members (if any).

  • Recording and saving your streams to download for later use.

  • Live stream from MP4 videos

  • Schedule MP4 video(s) to go live at a later time

  • Real-time stream Analytics - website viewers count, video bit-rate, resolution, bandwidth etc.

  • Developer API Tools to build amazing live streaming apps on top of Livepush ecosystem(spend time on your app and not verbose streaming hassles).

Multiple RTMP server locations

Livepush has multiple RTMP servers in popular locations around the world to help customers live stream to their closest RTMP server to eliminate excess Bandwidth, reduced Latency (distance between your device and website RTMP server) and take advantage of extra cool features like Linking your streams to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitch accounts, private encoder RTMP publishing, stream Analytics, stream Recordings in the cloud, Multi-Chat overlays, managing Teams and much more.

Streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously

Livepush, can help you publish your live streams to multiple streaming websites at the same time without worrying about bandwidth and managing each website settings separately.

Livepush in a nutshell

  • Streamer has an encoder or publishing device or video producer to stream content from.

  • Streamer first choose the closest Livepush RTMP server from their publishing device/encoder/producer to stream faster and steady.

  • Streamer copies RTMP server keys from Livepush dashboard and paste/setup these RTMP server keys in publishing device/encoder (check our guides to help you setup your encoder deive for Livepush RTMP server keys)

  • Streamer adds multiple streaming websites from Livepush Stream dashboard, for example; . 1 Facebook page . 1 Facebook Group . 2 YouTube channels and . 1 Twitch channel

  • Streamer starts their publishing encoder/device; . the video stream appears at Livepush dashboard . Livepush servers automatically copies the video stream to all the streaming sites/desitnations earlier added or linked. . Livepush gives your ananlytics and statistics, how good the connection is from your device to Livepush RTMP server and from Livepush RTMP server to the added streaming sites.

Note that adding websites/destination to Livepush dashboard is extremely easy and convenient, and you can also link/connect your accounts from streaming sites to Livepush dashboard to avoid setup these destinations again (please check our guides to help you add or connect your streaming sites to Livepush).

Tools you need to stream to Livepush


Number of ways to stream to Livepush, then multiple sites

You can start streaming with Livepush in three ways;

  1. You want to go live with your webcam and for that, you can select webcam streaming from Livepush dashboard to stream instantly.

  2. You want to go live from mp4 video file(s), you go to your Livepush Pre-recorded Live dashboard, upload your video files there, create and save new live stream schedule (select option 'Start Immediately' if streaming right now) and then your live stream will get started.

  3. You have a publish encoder software/device or video producer. For most usage OBS software works perfect and is a great free streaming tool. You can also use other encoders to stream to including; Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS), XSplit, Wirecast, vMix or any other similar functioning software/device.

Please check our guides on how to setup your publishing encoder/device for Livepush.

Free and Paid Subscriptions

Livepush offers Freemium pricing model that offers Free plan, as well as premium subscriptions for insane streaming powers.

With the Free plan you can broadcast to 3 destinations simultaneously and can keep streaming for 20 hours month.

Compare our Pricing Plans Here

If you need any help to learn more over any of the dashboard specification, please do not hesitate to use our Live chat support.

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