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How to Multistream from pre-recorded MP4 videos
How to Multistream from pre-recorded MP4 videos

Learn how to publish live streams to multiple sites with MP4 videos

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In this article, we shall learn how to stream live to multiple websites with plain MP4 videos by following a number of simple steps.

Let get started with Livepush Pre-recorded live streaming.

1. Sign in to your Livepush account (if you do not have an account, create now for free).

2. Go to your Pre-recorded Live dashboard (you can find this Pre-recorded Live Dashboard from main Dashboard page).

*Note: If you have not created a Pre-recorded Live Dashboard yet, you can create one right following our guide Creating a new Pre-recorded Live.

3. Now that you have your Pre-recorded Live dashboard ready, lets get started with configuring three (3) essential elements.

  1. Adding or Uploading Videos

  2. Creating a new Live event or schedule

  3. Adding destinations to live stream to multiple sites

  1. Adding or Uploading Videos

    - From the Pre-recorded Live dashboard page, click on the "Upload Video" button under "Scheduler Videos" section (see at your screen's right area).

    - Upload dialog will ask you to select videos from your local drives, so select your MP4 videos that you want to stream live to.

    - After selecting videos, you would see the upload widget on your screen. From this uploader widget, you can edit or update video file names and click on the "Start Upload" button from bottom actions view under each selected video.

    - Let's wait for these video files to get uploaded to Livepush servers and that's how you add add videos to your Pre-recorded Live.

  2. Creating a new Live event or schedule

    After successfully adding videos, lets now try using these videos by creating a new live event or schedule.

    1. Click on the button "Create New Schedule" under "My Schedules" section to open the "New Event" dialog box to schedule a new live stream event.

    2. The New Event dialog box will appear, from here you can define what do you need to stream live, at what time and when to end this live event.

    2 ( 1 ). Specifying Event Start time:
    Selecting a specific time from date time widget by clicking on "Choose" field below "select event time" label.

    2 ( 2 ). Set a name for your Event
    You should also name your this new event to be able to recognize and manage this event from the events list.

    You can put the event name in the input field below "Event Name" label.

    After finalizing all the above settings, click on the button "Save Event" (visible at the bottom of dialog box) to schedule this live stream event.

  3. Adding destinations to live stream to multiple sites

4. That's it, you are now able to live stream to multiple destinations with plain MP4 videos.

If you need any help in any step over the course or have improvements for this article, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Live chat support.

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