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How to stream live from OBS to Livepush
How to stream live from OBS to Livepush

Learn how to set up and configure OBS to start sending livestreams to Livepush dashboard

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Livepush supports several popular encoders and products to receive live stream sources from, one of which is OBS Studio. Among many encoders, OBS Studio is probably the most popular broadcasting software because of reasons like;

  1. Absolutely free to download and use.

  2. Amazing set of features such as; web camera support, recording and advanced scene composing with Text, Images, Videos, etc.

  3. Built support to many streaming destinations (4) Fully configurable and hack-able.

Configuring OBS to stream live to Livepush is simple and easy. Let's walk through the steps;


  • OBS Installed in your streaming computer. (If not, Download OBS for free).

  • A Livepush account.

Step by Step Guide

1- Download and install OBS in your machine or computer.
You can Download OBS for free.

โ€‹Note: Skip this step if you already have OBS installed

2- Sign in to your Livepush account (if you don't have one, create your Free Account)

3- Go to your Dashboard Home and click on your live stream i.e. Live Input or Pre-recorded Live.

4- From your Stream Dashboard, copy your RTMP Server and Stream Key, below to the video player. You will need these two values to configure your OBS streaming

5- Go back to the opened OBS window and click on [Settings] button on the bottom right side of OBS. This will open the OBS Settings Dialog.

6- No open OBS,
a) Go to Settings

b) Select Stream tab from the left menu, set service to Custom, and paste your Livepush RTMP server URL and stream key.


The two input boxes Server URL and Stream Key will appear, this is to let you insert your Livepush RTMP Server and Stream Key values.


7- Click on OK button at the bottom-right to save your RTMP settings.

8- Now lets start streaming to Livepush by clicking on the Start Streaming button.

9- Now your OBS live stream should start appearing on your Livepush stream dashboard.

Awesome! you are now streaming live from OBS to your Livepush dashboard.

If you do not see OBS stream appearing on Livepush dashboard, then have a look at your internet connection or contact Live chat support.

If you need any help in any step over the course or need improvements to the article, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Live chat support.

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