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How to stream live to Facebook Page/Group/Timeline with Livepush (Manual connect)
How to stream live to Facebook Page/Group/Timeline with Livepush (Manual connect)

Learn how to livestream to Facebook Page / Group / Timeline with Livepush

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In todays world, no one can deny the fact that how beneficial it is to live stream to Facebook, ability to approach mass viewers with a great diversity in types of viewers.


  1. A Facebook account.

  2. A Livepush account.

Step by step guide

Adding Facebook destination by linking your Facebook account is very easy and convenient. Let's walkthrough the steps.

1- Sign in to your Livepush account (if you don't have one, create your Free Account.

2- Go to your Dashboard Home and click on your stream card i.e. Multistream or Pre-recorded live stream.

3- In the Stream Dashboard page, click on the [Add Destination] button under "Destinations" section on the left.

4- The destinations dialog will appear with all of the supported platforms, click on the "Facebook" icon.

5- Now you need to copy the RTMP server url and stream key from Facebook Live Dashboard. To do that, go to the Facebook Live streaming page in a new browser tab or window.


Note: You can skip to Step (9) if you already have your Facebook livestream RTMP Server URL and Stream Key.


6- From Facebook Live streaming page, click on [Create Live Stream] button on the center of the page to set up and create a new Facebook Live Event. This will take you to new Live stream dashboard.

7- You will see a "Welcome" or "Get Started" dialog box, select [Use Stream Key] option and click on [Next] and then click on [Done] button to close the set up dialog box.

-- This step (8) is optional --

8- Now you will see the Facebook Livestream Dashboard. Here you can configure your next Facebook streaming like where you want to post your Livestream i.e. Timeline, Page or Group and the stream titles and descriptions for this livestream.

  1. Selecting publish location for Livestream post (Page, Group, Timeline)
    From the right sidebar and under "Post" section, click on the [Post on Timeline] dropdown to select where do you want to publish your Livestream. This will include your (1) Facebook Timeline, (2) Facebook Pages you manage and (3) Facebook Groups you manage.

  2. (Optional Step): Configuring Livestream Title and Description
    From the right sidebar and under "Post" section, you can enter your livestream Title and Description text to be visible with the livestream post on Facebook.

9- From the Live stream setup section, you can now copy the Server URL and the Stream Key values by clicking on [Copy] buttons next to each value.

You will need these values to configure Facebook in Livepush.

  1. Steam Upload URL === Destination Streaming Server in Livepush

  2. Steam RTMP Token === Destination Stream Key in Livepush

10- Now, go back to your Livepush Stream Dashboard page and paste your copied RTMP Server URL and Stream Key values to the input boxes visible in the Livepush dashboard.

11- Click on [Save Destination] button, wait for it to get saved .. and then close the dialog box.

Great Job! you have successfully added your Facebook Livestream as a destination in your Livepush dashboard.

Bonus Step: Toggle the "ON/OFF" switch next to your Facebook destination and start streaming to Facebook.

If you need any help in any step over the course or need improvements to the article, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Live chat support.

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