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How long can I stream with the Free plan?
How long can I stream with the Free plan?

What is the Free plan? Know the streaming features available in the Free plan from Livepush

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Livepush offers Freemium pricing model that offers Free plan, as well as premium subscriptions for insane streaming powers.

With the Free plan, you can broadcast to 3 destinations simultaneously and can keep streaming fr 20 hours month.

What to do when I have consumed my free 20 hour limit?

In case you're a pro and have streamed for more than 20 hours quickly, you can either wait for the month's end to get your hours limit reset or you can upgrade to the Basic+ plan for just $6/month to remove this 20 hours limit.

Features in Basic Plan or Free Plan

  • Is a Free plan and all signups have Basic plan.

  • 20 hour streaming per month.

  • 1 Live Input.

  • Total of 3 destinations

  • 1 destination of same type. For example: 1 Facebook, 1 YouTube, 1 Twitch, etc.
    200MB Video for Pre-recorded live streaming.

  • 20 minutes per Pre-recorded live event.

  • 1 pre-recorded live stream at a time

  • ❌ No 24x7 live streaming.

What benefits do I get If I upgrade to a higher plan?

No 20-hour limit, Multiple Livestreams more destinations, Double destinations of same type, Custom RTMP, Longer pre-recorded Live More video storage, Multi-video Playlist, Video Transcoding, and more.

Compare our Pricing Plans Here .

To learn more on pricing plans and features, we have written a detailed guide on our Pricing plans at Broadcasting Pricing Plans Explained.

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