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How to cancel a subscription?
How to cancel a subscription?

Learn how you to stop automatic renewal for your subscribed plans for the next months

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You can can easily cancel or unsubscribe from your active subscriptions to avoid automatic renewal for the next month, as long as the renewal date has not arrived.

๐Ÿ’กNote: cancelling a subscription will not end your current subscription for the paid month, but will keep your current subscription active till the end of the current billing month and will only cancel the automatic renewals.

To cancel your subscription, do the following ๐Ÿ‘‡ ;

  1. Go to My Account, and click on My Plans

  2. From My Plans page, find your active plan and click on [Manage Plan]

  3. From the plan details page, Click on [Cancel Plan] under the billing card.

  4. After that, the app will ask for a confirmation to unsubscribe from the active plan.
    Then click [Yes, Unsubscribe]

That's it! your subscription will no longer renew from the next month.

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