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How to delete a stream?
How to delete a stream?

Learn how to delete unnecessary streams cluttering your dashboard

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You can can easily delete a live input stream or a pre-recorded live stream from your dashboard to make room for the new ones, since each subscription plan gives you a limit of how many streams you can host or keep in your dashboard.

💡Note: the process of deleting live input streams and pre-recorded live streams are pretty much the same.

Follow the below steps to delete a live input or pre-recorded live stream;

  1. From the dashboard main page, choose a stream that you wish to delete.

  2. From the stream details page, click on [Delete] tab from the left menu

  3. From the Delete section, click on [Delete Stream] and then confirm [Yes, Delete].

That's it! the app will now delete your stream and you will be redirected to your dashboard main page.

Please feel free to contact our Live chat support to get recommendations specific to your video encoding software.

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