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How to find RTMP stream keys in Livepush
How to find RTMP stream keys in Livepush

Learn how to get RTMP streaming keys from your Live Input dashboard

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You can copy your RTMP stream keys from a Live Input dashboard in a few simple steps. Let's walk through them.

1- Sign in to your Livepush account (if you don't have one, create your Free Account.

2- Go to your Dashboard Home and click on any of your Live Input stream.

3- From your Stream Dashboard, copy your RTMP Server and Stream Key, below to the video player. You will need these two values to configure your OBS streaming

This will of two main elements;
​Streaming Server : the RTMP server address
​Streaming Key : the RTMP stream-key
Compose a complete RTMP publish URL from above elements in below manner;

RTMP URL: "Streaming Server" + "Streaming Key"

Let us consider an example.

Streaming Server is "rtmp://"
Streaming Key is "key_2xo1j90dvais"
Hence, the complete RTMP URL is "rtmp://"

That's it, you now have your RTMP ingest keys, you can use these in your encoder or producer device to start sending your live stream to your Multistream dashboard.

To learn more how to properly configure your encoders or producers, please check our "Encoders and Producers" documentation for better practical guides.

If you need any help in any step over the course, please do not hesitate to use our Live chat support.

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