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Creating a new Pre-recorded Livestream
Creating a new Pre-recorded Livestream

Learn how to create a new Multistream Dashboard

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Creating a new pre-recorded live is very much easy to go with, let's follow along.

1- Sign in to your Livepush account (if you don't have one, create a Free Account.

2. Once you have logged in to your dashboard, make sure you are at default Dashboard page.

2- Go to your Dashboard Home and click on Create New button.

3- Next, you will select Pre-recorded Live Scheduler, to stream pre-recorded videos.

4- After choosing the correct stream type, give your new live stream a name to identify among other streams.

5- Click on Create button.

That's it, your pre-recorded live has been created, you can discover Livepush pre-recorded live dashboard and start streaming.

If you need any help in creating pre-recorded live or scheduler, please do not hesitate to use our Live chat support.

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