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How to schedule a Pre-recorded Live Event
How to schedule a Pre-recorded Live Event

Learn how to schedule live events with Pre-recorded Live videos

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In this article, we shall learn how video creators can pre-schedule live streams from pre-recorded videos.

To schedule a new live event, take a look at the following steps;

1- Sign in to your Livepush account (if you don't have one, create your Free Account.

2- Go to your Dashboard Home and click on your Pre-recorded Live stream.

3. From the Pre-recorded live dashboard, click Schedule For Later to pick a time for your live event.

Note: you must add at least one video to your pre-recorded live before scheduling a new live event.

4. Once you have picked your date/time, click on the Save Schedule button to create a new schedule live event.

That's it. Your live event is now pre-scheduled and will go Live on its own at the date/time you've selected.

If you need any help in any step over the course, please do not hesitate to use our Live chat support.

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