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Adding Live streaming destinations
Adding Live streaming destinations

Learn how to add destinations to your Livepush Live Inputs or Pre-recorded Live

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Adding new streaming destinations or platforms is a pretty straight forward task.

Let's walk through the steps.

1- Sign in to your Livepush account (if you don't have one, create your Free Account.

2- Go to your Dashboard Home and click on your stream card i.e. Live Input or Pre-recorded live stream.

3- In the Stream Dashboard page, click on Add Destination under "Destinations" section on the right.

4- From the list of available platforms, you now need to select the platform you need to live stream to.

For this, we have created individual guides for some of the popular platforms, that you may wanna see to configure your destinations.

5- Once you have added your destination, it should start appearing in the Destinations section on the right.

Bonus Step: Toggle the "ON/OFF" switch next to your Facebook Live destination and start streaming to Facebook.

To see more guides on other platforms, please check our section "Streaming Destinations or Platforms" for detailed practical guides for individual platforms.

If you need any help in any step over the course, please do not hesitate to use our Live chat support.

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